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Check List

Check-in (Flybe)

Check-in (other airlines)

Departing passengers are requested to attend the check-in desks, or self service kiosk (then check-in desk for hold baggage check-in) in the Main Terminal Building (Departures), at the time stipulated by the airline (e.g. Thomson). This is information is usually on the booking confirmation.

Please note the followiing usual time for check-in closure:

  • Chartered Holiday Flights - (open 3 hours ahead of flight time)
    Check-in closed 60 mins ahead of flight time
  • International Scheduled - (open 2 hours ahead of flight time)
    Check-in closed 45 mins ahead of flight time
  • Domestic Scheduled - (open 2 hours ahead of flight time)
    Check-in closed 30 mins ahead of flight time


Early Flight Passengers 

The Terminal is CLOSED following the last aircraft movement of the day. Passengers may therefore wish to use the on-site hotel: Hampton by Hilton.  

The Terminal is OPEN to allow for the check-in of passengers for the first flight of the day at the times stipulated by the airline or holiday company (above). 

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Departure Procedures

  • Official airport car parks are recommended and booking in advance for discount rates.
  • Exeter Airport has just one terminal with check-in, the security search area, the departure lounge and boarding gates in close proximity to each other.
  • Departing passengers should attend the appropriate check-in desk (or use the self-service check-in) in the main terminal building, with the appropriate travel documents, before the minimum check-in time stipulated by the airline or holiday company.
  • Passengers should be aware that smoking is not permitted anywhere within the airport buildings.
  • The boarding card issued at check-in will be required at the security search area and at the boarding gate.
  • The land-side facilities include a café, shop and the currency exchange and after security search the air-side facilities include the departure lounge, café, bar, restaurant and shops.
  • Passengers should follow the Departures signs to the security search area in good time for the flight and allow time for possible delays during busy processing periods.
  • Passengers will be advised on the flight information screens and on the PA system when to attend the appropriate boarding gate area.
  • Mobile phones should not be used when boarding the aircraft.
  • Passengers will be asked to use the supervised green walkways when boarding the aircraft or the air-side bus where the aircraft stand is remote from the terminal.
  • Passengers are advised that appropriate clothing is recommended for the transfer from the terminal to the aircraft during inclement weather as this airport does not operate air bridges.