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  • IGA746 1715 LYDD

  • BE374 1745 MANCHESTER


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  • BE2015 1445 ALICANTE DEPARTED 1505

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Car Parking

Booking | Pay on Foot | Pay at Barrier | Disabled and Persons with Reduced Mobility | Drop-off / Pick-up | Car Park Terms and Conditions

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Short Stay - Car Park 1

Short Stay - Car Park 2

Long Stay - Car Park 3 

Long Stay - Car Park 4 

  • Pick-up / Drop-off - Free 10 mins
  • Entry 800 yds from Terminal on service road
  • Served by Shuttle Bus
  • Car Park 4 Tariff before discount
  • On-line Advance Booking Discount (up to 30%)

Park Mark approved for safer parking 'onsite' not 'out of sight'

Exeter Airport's official on-site car parks, 
which are managed by APCOA
have been awarded the Park Mark
These parking facilities have 
met the requirements of a risk 
assessment conducted by the police.

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  • Complete booking form above
  • or telephone: 0345 303 7397
  • On the day of travel drive to the car park
  • The barrier system will recognise your car registration
  • When the barrier lifts, please enter and park
  • Use the barrier call button if any difficulties are experienced
  • Passengers may wish to walk to the terminal if close to the entrance
  • However, Car Parks 3 and 4 are served by the shuttle bus
  • Use the bus shelter call button to request pick-up from the car park
  • When returning to Exeter the car park shuttle bus will depart from the front of the terminal
  • Use the Car Park 1 call button if any difficulties are experienced

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Pay on Foot

  • At entry barrier press for ticket
  • Enter and park 
  • Take ticket with you
  • Upon return insert ticket at Pay Station
  • Pay with cash or credit/debit cards 
  • Drive to exit barrier 
  • Insert ticket 
  • Exit

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Pay at Exit Barrier

  • At entry barrier insert credit/debit card
  • Ticket will not be issued
  • Enter and park
  • Upon return drive to exit barrier 
  • Use the same credit/debit card 
  • A receipt can be requested and issued
  • Exit

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Disabled and Persons with Reduced Mobility

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Pick-up / Drop-off arrangements

  • Car Park 1 has a minimum £1 charge for up to 30 minutes parking.
  • Car Park 4 offers a FREE 10 minute Drop-off / Pick-up period.  Passengers may use the free shuttle bus.
  • Persons with reduced mobility may request a free period in Car Park 1 using the barrier intercom.
  • Taxi drivers may apply for a frequent user discount card.

The small charge in Car Park 1, introduced in July 2011, is to provide a vital revenue stream to support the airport and its services.
Exeter Airport does offer a free drop-off/pick-up at Car Park 4 and passengers may use the free shuttle bus.
Special arrangements are in place at Car Park 1 for Persons with Reduced Mobility (PRM) who need a close proximity drop off.
At this time we do not wish to impose a further charge for departing passengers similar to the 'development' fee of up to £10 as imposed at other similar size airports.
Our charges may be compared to those at other UK airports: www.caa.co.uk/docs/2200/Airport_Charges.pdf
We hope that our passengers enjoy the convenience using this airport and its short stay car park. 

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Car Park Terms and Conditions

Please see the Terms and Conditions of use for Exeter Airport Official Car Parks