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Expectant Mother Restriction | Security & Hand Baggage | Services & Facilities | Child Buggy Procedures | Unaccompanied Minors

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Expectant Mother Restriction

  • Expectant mothers may usually book on flights departing up to the 27th week of pregnancy.
  • From the 28th week most airlines ask that a letter from a doctor or midwife is carried which confirms the expected date of delivery, that the pregnancy is uncomplicated and that there is no health reason to prevent the booking.
  • Most airlines will not allow travel for pregnant women beyond the end of the 36th week, of an uncomplicated single pregnancy, but this is reduced to the end of the 32nd week those expecting twins and triplets.

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Security & Hand Baggage

  • Baby feed and drink for the journey may travel in quantities greater than required in the Hand (cabin) Baggage 'liquids' Restrictions and there is no need for a clear resealable plastic bag.
  • Sterilised water within a bottle is permitted.
  • Feed of any consistency and drink will be machine tested.
  • If feeds are within sealed containers and in large amounts, the security staff will select a random sample to be tested.

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Services & Facilities

  • Baby bottle warming in restaurant (Mount Charles 01392 446476)
  • Baby food on request in restaurant (Mount Charles 01392 446476)
  • Baby changing facilities, both land-side and air-side, in dedicated rooms adjacent to the toilets
  • Children's menu in restaurant (Mount Charles 01392 446476)

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Child Buggy Procedures

  • Infants may have a small baggage allowance and collapsible buggies are usually permitted in addition to the parents' allowance but please check with the airline (e.g. Flybe | Thomson).
  • Pushchairs can be deposited on the over-size baggage belt after check-in or may be used for the child up to the point of boarding the aircraft at the steps, at which point a member of staff will load the pushchair into the hold.
  • At Exeter Arrivals the buggy will generally be available near the aircraft steps. Alternatively, it may be taken to the over-size baggage reclaim area.
  • Procedures may vary at other airports.

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Unaccompanied Minors

  • Children aged between 6 and 12 are eligible to be carried unaccompanied on many flights. Details should be obtained from the airline's website eg: Flybe Unaccompanied Children  
  • Airlines will require the name, address and contact number of the person taking the child to the departure airport and that of the person taking collecting at the destination and a supervisory fee will be charged.
  • Procedures will be fully explained at airport check-in.